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Hoops Update

First of all, I hope you and yours are safe and healthy during these challenging times...
The NBA season is coming baclk!!
NBA will start back up July 31st
Game 7 of the NBA Finals would be Oct. 12th
Dec 1st, start of 2020-21 season
Unfortunately, the fantasy season is over!

We are splitting the winnings evenly between the four playoff teams in each league.
This isn't the ideal scenario as I know we all are highly copetitive and always are looking at a chance to win.

As of now, offseason trading is open! 
Feel free to make deals.

Have a fantastic summer and talk you all soon!
Stay safe and healthy and thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports! 

COVID-19 Update

Good morning.

I hope you and yours are safe and healthy during these difficult times.

I want to give a quick update on the Fantasy Hoops season here at Mr. Sports

What has been coming out from the NBA is play will not resume until mid-June at the earliest.
We are going to take a wait-and-see appreoach before making any decisions on what to do with the fantasy season.
There are a few options and while none are ideal, we will work through this the best we can.

Feel free to check back here for updates throughout these tough times.

I wish you all the best and please stay healthy! 


It's Here!


I am so excited to welcome you all to the NEW Mr. Sports Fantasy Basketball Site!

Please explore!!!
This will be much easier for you to navigate on your device of choice: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, mainframe, punch cards, whatever!

There will be new things added over the next few months to make your fantasy experience easier and more fun. I will keep this area updated with any new gadgets and widgets which are added, so please check back here regularly.

Speaking of this section, I am going to use this area for:

  1. Any Mr. Sports site news: All First Half Team, best fantasy player over the last three weeks, top rookies, well you get the point
  2. Any updates on pickups, trades, added rookies, etc.
  3. And of course any Nonsense going on in sports: could be a Tweet, an Instagram post, story, anything fun and different.

Also, If any of you have always wanted to write for a fantasy sports site, here is your chance. We will be starting an "Articles" section soon. This can be any of a variety of topics. So if you are smart, witty and can put three sentences together (I guess that just cut out 98% of us), let's talk!

I hope you enjoy the new site.
Any feedback, positive and/or improvement ideas, are always appreciated.

Thank you for being a part of Mr. Sports and if you are not involved yet, what are you waiting for?!?!