About Us

Since 1996, we have been providing the best Fantasy Sports experience to you, the Fantasy Enthusiast!

Like some of you "old-timers", I started playing Fantasy Sports with my friends in college, around 1993, back when we had to get our stats from a newspaper and write them out by hand, unfathomable to a lot of you now!

When I wanted to take my fantasy game to the next level and really test my skills, I started to look for a Fantasy Service.

Not many of them back in the late 1990's but I came across Mr. Sports Fantasy Service in the back of a magazine. Ever since joining in 1996, I continued down the rabbit hole. After several years of playing, I needed more. So, in 2009, I was fortunate enough to become the owner of Mr. Sports and what a fun journey it has been.

My passion is people and although there are almost 100 leagues, I have a personal connection with each fantasy enthusiast.

Now, in 2024, with a brand new site, my passion for Fantasy Sports has never been higher!

I hope you join me on the Fantasy Sports Journey of having fun, making friends and hopefully, winning some League Titles and getting into the Hall of Fame!


"Mr. Sports is the best in fantasy sports, hands down. You won't find the same level of customer service at other money sites, and fairness and integrity of competition always come first."

- Mark F.

"If you really love playing Fantasy Baseball, Mr. Sports is the place for you. Every player takes their League very seriously and the competition is fierce. The commissioner is responsive and fair, I would not and do not play my Fantasy Sports anywhere else."

- Steve C.

"Mr. Sports is head and shoulders above other fantasy sports leagues. Brian has created an interactive environment within very competitive leagues. With mostly keeper leagues, it is just a blast creating relationships with other owners and making trades during and after the season. Brian runs a great site and does all he can to make it a cool experience for all types of members. I have been in Mr. Sports since 1997 and love it."

- Mitch S.

"Although I've played fantasy baseball and football in many different online and personal leagues, it has been my experience that Mr. Sports is always the best. They offer the most competitive leagues, are the most well-run, and the live phone draft which you can't get anywhere else! Mr. Sports also offers a fantasy experience that most closely resembles actual play. Their system is not based on arbitrary stat categories, but rather a direct reflection of what each player actually does. Maybe that's why I've been playing since 1997."

- Dave H.

"Mr. Sports is an awesome fantasy experience. Great leagues, great competitors. It's the only place where I play fantasy sports."

- Ben A.

"I have been with Mr Sports for over 20 years. You are the GM of your team. Trades and free agents even in the off season. Drafts, rookies, injuries all the realism of sports. Great fun!"

- Rick Z.

"Since 2000 I have been part of the Mr. Sports family and I must say the experience has been a very enjoyable and professional journey. I’m very happy to be party of the Mr. Sports fantasy world."

- Fred R.

"I love the trading from January through March for players, picks & combo! Brings the "GM" feel to dynasty leagues other can't offer."

- Eric B.

"I have played in multiple leagues in the past but Mr. Sports is by far the best. Easy format and flexibility - and Brian is always willing to listen to ideas from his customers for ways to improve. I am a customer for life."

- Jim P.

"My Mr Sports experience has been a terrific one, and I'm glad that i found them. I have been with Mr Sports since 2003, with multiple teams in both baseball and football. I've tried lots of other sites, and this one is the only i found that you can deal directly with the other owners, and not have to do it electronically only. The fact that we have an accessible commissioner can't be overlooked. Part of the "fantasy experience" is trash talking and making trades with other owners, all of which is encouraged. it's also he only site that i have seen the backup points count as well. The leagues are organized and well run, and I highly recommend Mr. Sports."

- Maury D.

"Mr Sports provides the best possible fantasy experience. The scoring systems used in fantasy baseball, football and basketball are the most fair and comprehensive in reflecting player production. The website commissioner is very responsive and dedicated to helping owners wIth any questions or issues. I recommend Mr Sports for the ultimate fantasy sports journey."

- Mike C.

"Mr. Sports has a fantastic community of fantasy baseball players and fans, let by a great Commish who cares about fantasy sports and provides an excellent service to his customers. The service is easy to understand, realistic, easy to set lineups, make trades with fellow owners, and just plain old FUN!"

- Mike H.