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There were four of us that made it to Vegas this year, Aug. 27-29.
To the right here, you see me in front then L-R of Jason T, Dale P and Mike H.

We had a GREAT time and I hope next year more of you can make it.

Put it in your calendar: Aug. 26-28, 2022 in Vegas.

Plan on at least 1-Champion League draft and hopefully more depending on attndance! 
Even if you do not want to draft, you are welcome to come, hang out and get to know the people that you have been chatting through email and on the phone with.

Good luck to you for Week 2 of football! 



Are you ready for some football?!?!?!

Hello Football!!!!! 

I hope you enjoyed the redraft...
I know I had a lot of fun!  

Schedule of events

This will be the schedule all season.
RD 1: Posted 11am EST (8am PST) Thursday
RD 2: Posted 11am EST (8am PST) Saturday
RD 3: Posted 1:00am EST (10pm PST) Sunday (this gives you plenty of time to get players in your lineup)
REMINDER: a player that plays Thursday night CANNOT be picked up in RD 2 or RD 3. If by chance a player is picked up, that player will be dropped from your team.

Players are eligible to be put on IR now. If there is a player that you think should be eligible, let me know.
ONLY players that are on the NFL IR, PUP or NFI are eligible for Mr. Sports IR...  suspended players are NOT eligible (exp Will Fuller)
If a player PLAYS the week you have that player on your IR, that player will be waived, no exceptions!

You can make trades right up to game-time on Sunday's each week.
Enter them in the system...  send me a note... and I will process or give you a reason why you need to rework the deal...
Trades involving any player that played on Thursday night AND they are in your starting lineup OR as a backup will NOT be processed until Tuesday of the following week.
Exp: on Friday, teams want to do the following deal: Brady/Cook for Henry...and Brady starts for your team... this trade will be processed on Tuesday since Brady was in the lineup...  IF Brady was on the bench, the trade would be processed.

Thursday Game
Make sure they are in your lineup if you want to start them.
REMINDER: if you have one of them in as a backup, that will lock the starting position
Exp: you put in JPP as your backup LB, that will lock all 3 starting positions.
Any questions, please ask.

REMINDER... 6 teams make the playoffs this year
Top Two teams that WON their division get byes Week 15 (Week 1 of playoffs)

Any questions no matter how small, please ask.

Thank you for being a part of Mr. Sports. I appreciate you!

Good luck this year and have fun!!


Preseason Trade Deadline and Cutdowns!

Good morning

Football is fast approaching!!

Trade Deadline
Friday at 10am EST (7am PST)

They will be posted Friday at 11am EST (8am PST)

You can make trades and changes to cutdowns up until those deadline times.

Rookies will be in the system soon. Sorry for the delay.

Any questions, please let me know.

Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports.

AND....  let's get ready for some football!!!!! 


Drafts and Vegas!

Only 44 days until the Thursday night NFL opener!!  

They are posted under "Drafts".... sign up now!!
ML 26, KEEPER LEAGUE: Monday, Aug 30th, 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST)
CL 1: Monday, Aug 16th, 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST)
CL 2: Monday, Aug 23rd, 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST)
CL 3: Saturday, Aug 28th, 7:00pm EST (4:00pm PST) VEGAS DRAFT!
CL 4: Wednesday, Sept 8th, 8:00pm EST (4:00pm PST)

First Annual Mr. Sports Vegas Extravaganza!!!

Champ 3 on Saturday Aug 28th at 7:00pm EST (4:00pm PST) will take place in Vegas
If you can't make it to Vegas, you can join us on a conference call.
Already 4 of us confirmed to be in Vegas. Come on and join us!  
I will be staying at The Rio but feel free to stay any place you like.
Don't miss out on this draft... sign up now!!

Check out the Team for Sale
Only 14 teams available.
ML 10 Columbus Panhandlers have the #1 pick!!

Thank for looking!



One month until CUTDOWNS... and other stuff!!!

Good afternoon friends!! 

We are ONE MONTH away from cutdowns being posted!! 

Trading is kicking into high gear.
Rookies are bieng scrutinized.
NFL camps are about 2 weeks away.
What an exciting time to be in Fantasy Football!! 
Player position changes: NEW (old)
J. Bosa: LB (DL)... BIG CHANGE!!! 
J. Okwara; LB (DL)
R. Okwara: LB (DL)
Trey Flowers: LB (DL)
C. Harris LB (DL)
A.Bryant: LB (DL)
R. Mccray: LB (DL)
J. Martin: LB (DL)
D. Rivers: LB (DL)
J. Allen: LB (DL)
K. White: LB (S)
J. Lemonier: LB (DL)
B. Huff: DL (LB)
C., Lawson: DL (LB)
H. Reddick: DL (LB)
D. Fowler DL (LB)
J. Clowney: DL (LB)

If you have a question about any of the above OR see a player that should be at a new position, please reach out to me.

DRAFTS.... will be posted later today.

And don't forget about VEGAS!!!
You are invited to the 1st Annual Mr. Sports Vegas Experience August 27-29
I am staying at Rio but feel free to stay where you like.
It would be great to meet you after all these years of playing together.
I am looking forwrd to hanging out with the poeple that have already commited to going.
There will be a Champion League DRAFT Saturday (28th) afternoon/night in person for those of us that will be in Vegas and on conference call for the rest of you that cannot make it.
Questions and information, reach out to me: brian@mrsports.com

Happy month of trading!!!

Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports!!


100 DAYS until the season starts!!!!

We are 100 days from the start of the NFL season: DAL @ TB on Sept. 9th!!! 

For being so close to the 2021 season, many questions need to be answered
*Where will A-Aron play
*Julio, where is he headed: SEA, NE, BAL, TEN??
*There are over 15 teams with potentially new starting QB's
*Will Tim Tebow make the JAX team
*What happens with Massage Watson
*Once top back Le'Veon Bell, does he have anything left, will a team sign him
*Another once top back Todd Gurley, where does he land....  side note, has there been a faster and further fall from the top than this guy?

Preseaosn trading is in full swing.
Cutdowns are Aug.12th

Have a great month of June!



Football in Full Swing!!!

Here at Mr. Sports, Fantasy Football is in Full Swing!! 

Off-season trading has started.... a lot of action already!
Some great Unowned Teams available under the Teams for Sale tab.
Check out the Miami Seahawks in ML 10 and Akron Pros in ML 13
Fantasy Regular Season (Week 1-14,min 7 games played)
How good were they?
And who takes a step forward or backward in 2021?
QB7: J. Herbert
QB18: J. Burrow
QB31: Tua
Special spot: J Hurts QB12 Week 14
RB6: Robinson
RD10: Gibson
RD13: J. Taylor
RB17: Swift
RB35: JK Dobbins
RB43 Akers
RB45: Z. Moss
RB49: J Kelley
RB58: L. Perine
RB66: D. Dallas
RB78: S. Ahmed
RB79: J. Hasty
RB81: L. Bowden
RB85: K. Vaughn
RB89: A. McFarland
RB94: AJ Dillon
WR11: J. Jefferson
WR15: B. Aiyuk
WR23: C Claypool
WR33: T. Higgins
WR36: C. Lamb
WR60: L. Shenault
WR65: J. Jeudy
WR66: J Reagor
WR67: G. Davis
WR75: D. Mims**
WR71: KJ Hamler
WR77: D Mooney
WR83: H Ruggs
WR89: M Pittman
WR118: D Duvernay
100+ D. Duvernay, F. Swain, V. Jefferson, B. Edwards
TE48: C. Kmet
K5: R. Blankenship
K24: T. Bass
DL16: C Young
DL75: J. Kinlaw 3.5
DL82: Gross-Matos 3.33
DL100 : R. Davis 2.92
LB18: P Queen
LN47: K. Murray
LB85: I. Simmons
CB4: T. Diggs
CB18: AJ Terrell
CB28: J Okudah
CB37: J Gladney
S2: J Chinn
S11: A Winfield

More cool stats to come,keep coming back for updates!!


Big Announcement!!!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! 
I hope you all are ready for the Big Game....  GO CHIEFS!!!
I promised a BIG Announcement.....     so wait no longer....
The NFL has added an Extra Week to their season....
And in the spirit of always trying to make fantasy Sports MORE FUN.....
Starting this 2021 Fantasy Football Season...
There will be TWO added playoff teams, making it SIX total that make the playoffs! 
The Top 2 teams that WIN THEIR DIVISION will get a bye in Week 15
Again, You MUST win your division to be eligible for the Week 15 Bye
Week 16 will be semi's
Week 17 will be Championship
Week 18 will be the Super Tourney
I am so excited for this, I hope you are as well!!  
Now, instead of the season basically being over if you start 1-4, you have a good shot at making the playoffs.
We will start the offseason for the 2021 year on March 17th.
That day is the start of the NFL League  season so I believe it's a great day to start our offseason trading
Starting that day, you'll be able to pay for your team(s) and start making trades.
Enjoy the Game today
Chiefs 37
Bucs 31
THANK YOU for being a part of Mr. Sports.
I appreciate you!!!
Have a fantastic Sunday! 


CONGRATS to all the League Winners this year! 

What a tough road in managing teams through COVID this year.
Great work to everyone! 
CL 2: Cenla Mosquitohawks (J. Ramos)
CL 3: Temple of Doom (J. Temple)
EL 1: Dead Poets (J. Moss)
EL 2: Ryder's Bomb Squad (D. McConnico)
EL 3: Kamara Sutra (R. Patricio)
EL 6: 1 Peter (M. Fazzio)
EL 7: 2 Peter (M. Fazzio)
EL 8: Deuteronomy *M. Fazzio)
EL 9: The Clown Babies (L. Lamonna)
EL 10: Bad Reputation (R. Zoltowski)
EL 11: Isaiah (M. Fazzio)
EL 12: DEEP POST (Krupa/Gough)
EL 14: Jeremiah (M. Fazzio)
EL 17: Job (M. Fazzio)
EL 21: Brooklyn (A. Pulanco)
EL 22; Livin on a Kyler (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 1: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 2: Fists of Justice (R. Soucy)
ML 3: Giants (M. Cremer)
ML 5: No Brady, No Problem (S. Spring)
ML 6: Bad Mr. Frosty (L. Lamonna)
ML 7: Fly Pattern (Krupa/Gough)
ML 8: In Memory of Joe (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 9: Corner Blitz (Krupa/Gough)
ML 10: Patriots (M. Cremer)
ML 11: Sleepy 2 (R. Sleeper)
ML 12: Colton's Crew (D. McConnico)
ML 13: Mean Machine (M. Hurford)
ML 14: Lenny's Linemen (A. Scafidi)
ML 15: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 16: Grungy McNasty (T. Barker)
ML 18: 18 Gamers (G. Siebern)
ML 19: This One's For Joe!! (M. Cremer)
ML 20: Fire on the Mountain (P. Lanciault)
ML 23: Mind Reflections (T. Huegin)
ML 25: Temple of Doom (J. Temple)


FINALS Matchups

Congrats to all the teams that made the FINALS!!!
Best of luck to you all! 
CL 2: Horseheads Buffalos (Krupa/Gough) vs Cenla Mosquitohawks (J. Ramos)
CL 3: Zoom Meeting Bingo (S. Spring) vs Temple of Doom (J. Temple)
EL 1: Dead Poets (J. Moss) vs Irish Panthers (Fazzio/Mazzoni)
EL 2: Corinthians (M. Fazzio) vs Ryder's Bomb Squad (D. McConnico)
EL 3: 1 John (M Fazzio) vs Kamara Sutra (R. Patricio)
EL 6: Armed and Dangerous (P. ZZamarin) vs 1 Peter (M. Fazzio)
EL 7: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs 2 Peter (M. Fazzio)
EL 8: FLEA FLICKER (Krupa/Gough) vs Deuteronomy *M. Fazzio)
EL 9: The Clown Babies (L. Lamonna) bs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
EL 19: Ephesians (M. Fazzio) vs Bad Reputation (R. Zoltowski)
EL 11: Temple of Doom (J. Temple) vs Isaiah (M. Fazzio)
EL 12: DEEP POST (Krupa/Gough) vs Hosea (M. Fazzio)
EL 14: Mucho Caliente (Rummel/Torpey) vs Jeremiah (M. Fazzio)
EL 17: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs Job (M. Fazzio)
EL 21: Brooklyn (A. Pulanco) vs John 3:16 (M. Fazzio)
EL 22; Deep Freeze (Hoover/Nistler) vs Livin on a Kyler (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 1: ADJ McBrady (Krupa/Gough) vs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 2: Fists of Justice (R. Soucy) vs Emmitt Smith (T. Vara)
ML 3: Seattle Dragons (B. Gayhart) vs Giants (M. Cremer)
ML 5: No Brady, No Problem (S. Spring) vs Fourth and goal (M. Cremer)
ML 6: Bad Mr. Frosty (L. Lamonna) vs COVID Randemic (R. Holmes)
M: 7: Dirty McNasty (T. Barker) vs Fly Pattern (Krupa/Gough)
ML 8: In Memory of Joe (M. Hoffmaster) vs Texans (M. Cremer)
ML 9: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs Corner Blitz (Krupa/Gough)
ML 10: Mind Reflections (T. Huegin) vs Patriots (M. Cremer)
ML 11: Sleepy 2 (R. Sleeper) vs Cardinals (M. Cremer)
ML 12: SAFETY BLITZ (Krupa/Gough) vs Colton's Crew (D. McConnico)
ML 13: Mean Machine (M. Hurford) vs Tidal Wave (Rummell/Torpey)
ML 14: Giants (C. Smith) vs Lenny's Linemen (A. Scafidi)
ML 15: Ryders Project (D. McConnico) vs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 16: 16 Gamers (G. Siebern) vs Grungy McNasty (T. Barker)
ML 18: Jokers (S. Johnson) vs 18 Gamers (G. Siebern)
ML 19: Zach's Warriors (M. Adams) vs This One's For Joe!! (M. Cremer)
ML 20: All Saints Day (M. Arnoult) vs Fire on the Mountain (P. Lanciault)
ML 23: Titan Up (R. Thornton() vs Mind Reflections (T. Huegin)
ML 25: Temple of Doom (J. Temple) vs Texans (M. Cremer)


First Half - Second Half Splits

Below are the best starting lineups for the First Half (Week 1-7) and Second Half (8-14)

Top Players 1st Half (minimum 5 games played)
QB: R. Wilson (36.88)
RB: Kamara (24.57), Cook (21.66), A Jones (21.20)
WR: T Lockett (19.78), C Ridley (17.27), A Thielen (17.17)
TE: Kittle (14.94)
K: Tucker (11.33)
DL: M Garrett (10.43), A. Donald (9.00), C. Jones (7.50)
LB: D. White (12.14), B Martinez (12.00), P. Queen (11.83)
CB: M. Humphrey (10.83)
S: B Baker (13.83)
Top Players 2nd Half (min 5 games played)
QB: P. Mahomes (32.21)
RB: D Cook (24.37),D Henry (19.17), N Chubb (19.10)
WR: T. Hill (26.95), D. Adams (22.29), DK Metcalf (16.94)
TE: T. Kelce (20.68)
K: Y. Koo (12.67)
DL: JJ Watt (8.00), Q. Williams (8.00), O. Vernon (7.50)
LB: R. Smith (13.17), J. Schobert (13.00), D. Leonard (12.86)
CB: T. Johnson (9.83)
S: J Chinn (13.40)


End of the season is here: THANK YOU!!!

I can't believe the end of the season has come! 
THANK YOU for being a part of the Mr. Sports Experience!! 
For those in Keeper Leagues, the regular pickup schedule is in place for the next two weeks.
For the One-Year Leagues, only the Playoff teams can make pickups.
I will be posting some cool stats over the next month.
Check back here regularly to see the updates.
Good luck to those of you in the Playoffs....  and the rest of us that mist out, Off-Season trading is not far off!!! 

Week 6 info... Change to Pickup Schedule!

Good morning

Thank you again for your patience this weekend!
I believe things will be back to normal this weekend...  

Since there is NO Thursday game, Pickups will be as follows:
RD 1: posted Friday at 1:00am EST
RD 2: posted Saturday at 1am EST
RD 3: posted Sunday at 1am EST

This will allow you to check out injuries for a couple of extra days...

If you see something that still does not look right, please let em know...


Thanks again and have a great week!


NE vs DEN cancled for Week 5

Good morning

The NE vs DEN game has been CANCELED on Monday.... 

Both teams will use this week as their BYE week....

This game has been moved to NEXT Sunday....

Please adjust lineups accordingly.

Have a great Sunday!


KC vs NE has been moved

KC vs NE has been postponed until Monday or Tuesday...

Cam Newton tested positve for COVID

Please make preperations to your lineup accordinly....

Reminder that trade can be done at ANYTIME prior to kickoff Sunday.



The TEN vs PIT game is CANCELED for this week.

It will be played later this season.

This is like an unexpected Bye Week.

Please prepare your lineups accordingly.

Good luck, stay healthy!



Football: The COViD Experience!

Good morning!

I hope you have enjoyed the first 3 weeks of the season!  
What a wild one we have had thus far!

Our first COVID incident...
We have the TEN-PIT game being postponed until Monday or Tuesday.

Please take extra care with your lineup this week making sure starters and backups are in the places you want them.

No word on the MIN-HOU game yet... no one has tested positive for MIN... fingers crossed.

No new pickups or IR spots as of yet...
If either game does not play this week, it will be treated as their Bye Week by the NFL.. they will be playing on their regularly schedule Bye Week so no games will be missed.
Our rosters are 33 deep (and 1-IR) so we do have a lot of room for moves to be made...  possibly some tough decisions to make but that is part of fantasy!

2020 is a crazy year and not everything is going to be completely fair this year...  unfortunately, that's the way 2020 is going to go...

Thanks for being patient and understanding through these unprecedented times!  

I hope you and yours are very well!

All Unowned teams are open for trading so if you see something, let me know.

Thank for being a part of Mr. Sports
I appreciate you!

Have a fantastic day!


Tuesday Tango Week 3 Edition

Week 3 in the books
Not the carnage of last week but still had several went down:
C. Godwin-WR-TB... looks to miss multiple games
Carson-RB-SEA....  out 1-2 weeks
C. Young-DL-Was... check status
Goedert-TE-Phi.... out a few weeks
J. Casey-DL-Den.... out for the year
B. Edwards, H. Ruggs-WR-LV.... check status, could miss the game
M. Pittman-WR-Ind... will miss time

As you might have seen, TEN had 3 players test positive....  MIN has yet to have anyone test positive.... 
We will monitor this situation throughout the week but you might want to make plans accordingly for potentially players losing time.

Kamara a monster game, helped out by atrocious tackling by GB
If I'm a defense, I cover 15 yards downfield against Brees, that's it...his arm looks like Eddie Harris from Major League.... get out the Bardol
Kansas City is the most fun team to watch since The Greatest Show on Turf!
ARod to Lazard is a thing
Say so-long to Mitch Trubisky... hello to Nick Foles
Congrats to the Falcons on their history-making feat!!... back to back weeks of huge blown leads in Q4 and no chatter of D. Quinn being ousted?... maybe he has compromising pictures of Mr. Blank.
Dak throws for 472 meaningless yards, well, unless he's on your fantasy team or you're playing against him
New Record: 14 TD passes through 3 games...  DangeRUSS is the man!!
Did you see Metcalf pull a Leon Lett?
What is Detroit doing?....  get Swift involved, 1-catch and no carries is inexcusable
Golladay got a TD to save his otherwise terrible day
Statline of the Week: Mike Evans: 2-catches... 2-yards... 2-TD's
Ekeler needs Herbert at QB for LAC
So does Allen
Big pickups from last week fantasy points: M. Davis (19.10), D. Freeman (1.0), D. Schultz (6.80)
TE Leaders for Week 3: Graham, Kroft, Ebron, Tanyan, Allie-Cox... if you know where all of them play, you are a true degenerate fantasy player and I love you!! 
Brian Hill (14.50) almost doubled or more-than-doubled the points of: Carson, Jacobs, Drake, Mixon, Montgomery, Gordon
I was wrong on the Henderson kid from LAR...  he runs hard and has a lot of talent.
The week of the rookie WR's: J. Jefferson (27.00), C. Wilson (25.50), Aiyuk (18.60), T. Higgins (18.50), G. Davis (10.10), C. Lamb (9.10), Jeudy (8.00)
Philly and Cincy both should be ashamed of their play-calling in OT
James Connor, any questions?
Wentz is barely playable right now...  he looks gun-shy and his body language exudes zero confidence
Joe Mion owners, you can't be happy having a RB39 but paying for a RB Top 10!
Alson Smith is a beast: DL1!
19 LB's are over 10PPG with J. Baker leading the way: 12.67ppg
Some very disappointing LB's: Hicks (7ppg), Littleton (5ppg), Edmunds (4ppg), I. Simmons (2ppg)
NYJ and NYG are barely NFL teams let alone fantasy relevant... highest scoring NYJ: B. Berrios (14.40 #64); NYG: no player in the Top 100!!
Patriots being Patriots....  no idea who will score big week-to-week...  this week was Burkhead (31.30) and Michel (15.00)
I was wrong about Cam....  he looks like a great fit in NE.
Congrats to CHIEFS (P. Felker) in EL 2 for scoring 253.70 to snag the honor!
Week 1: The Truth Ertz (R. Patricio) EL 1, 243.40
Week 2: Jimmy Whispers (M. Mazzoni), EL 10, 259.44
All Star Team Week 3
QB: P. Mahomes (48.00)
RB: Kamara (38.20), R. Burkhead (31.30)
WR: Lockett (32.50), J. Jefferson (27.00), C. Wilson (25.50)
TE: J. Graham (21.00)
PK: Gostkowski (25.00)
DL: Donald (20), Garrett (18), A. Smith (17)
LB: S. Thompson  (21), C. Lawson (19), S.  Barrett (16)
CB: X. Rhodes (19)
S: H. Smith (15)
Who says kickers are an afterthought?
Gostkowski was the #20 fantasy scorer this week! 
Have a fantastic week!!

Tuesday Tango

Week 2 in the books....   and I have never seen anything like it.
It can be summed up in one word: Carnage! 
Out for the year:
Saquon, Sutton, Uzomah, Mack, V. Miller, N Bosa, S. Thomas, D. James, A Barr, B. Irvin, M. Hooker, G. McCoy, G. Delpit
Missing time:
McCaffrey, T. Coleman, Mostert, P. Campbell, D. Lock, P. Lindsay, L. Bell, D. Samuel, L. Vander Esch, A. Jeffery,
Check statuss:
C. Akers, M. Thomas, AJ Brown, DJ Chark, D. Adams, J. Crowder, D. Parker, S. Shepard, Jimmy G, M. Milano, T. Edmunds,
And this is only WEEK 2!!!!
I think we can safely say:
If 2020 was a football team, it would be the NY Jets
Chase Young looks like what Clowney should have been
Cam is back
DangeRUSS is good
Brees looks like he has a noodle arm
ARod is on a mission
Justin Herbert looked good and is tough
Mahomes had a "bad" game and still put up 31pts
Raise your hand if you had Wentz, Brees and Brady as un-startable
How about that two-way cover for Fournette, if you know what I mean! 
Maybe Minshew Mania is real
How are those 1st Round picks looking?
Henry looks like a decoy in TEN right now
Did TY Hilton retire and not tell anyone?
Put a fork in Gurley
No Sony Side Up, he's a broken egg
If you had Ridley and Gage out-pointing Julio, you're a winner!
A.Jones is looking like The Edge, pure stud
Falcons had the best seat in the house on the onside kick
Robbie Anderson, WR6... see what happens when players leave Gase!
Dalton Schultz, that's all
DK Metcalf looks like 2020's version of TO
How did playing Hines Week 2 work out for ya?
Looks like a back-and-forth year for Ingram-Dobbins duo
Darius Leonard and Bobby Wagner have turned into The Boz
Deepest TE group I have ever seen in fantasy.... 12 are over 10ppg with Jonnu Smith leading the way at 17
Top Starting lineup through 2 games:
QB:: R. Wilson (41.60)
RB: A. Jones (29.60), A. Kamara (27.55)
WR: C. Ridley (27.90), D Adams (19.85), D. Hopkins (19.45)
TE: J. Smith (17.00)
K:  Y. Koo (12.50)
DL: Q. Williams (10.50), C. Young (10.50), A .Smith (10.00)
LB: J. Baker (14.50), M. Kiser (14.50), D. White (14.00)
CB:J. Jenkins (13.50)
S: M. Maye (15.50)
Congrats to Jimmy Whispers (M. Mazzoni) in EL 10
They scored 259.44!
Week 1: The Truth Ertz (R. Patricio) EL 1, 243.40
Have a great week!

Last day of Trading!!.... Cutdowns due today!!

Hard to believe that we are at the last day of preseason trading!!! 
All Unowned Teams are open to deal
So if you see a match, send me a note and let's talk trade!!!
Trades are due in the system by 11:59pm EST tonight
I will process any last minute trades at that time
Cutdowns are due at midnight.
Cutdowns will be posted Sunday morning at 11am EST
Still some excellent teams available.... check them out!!! 
Below you will see Defensive Position Changes
If you have a question about anyone else, let me know....  happy to take a look today.

Player position changes: New (Old) 

T. Murphy: DL (LB)
R. Kerrigan: DL (LB)
B. Irwin: DL (LB)
Al.Smith: DL (LB)
D. Kazee: S (CB)
Ju. Burris: S (CB)
D. Randall: S (CB)
R. Quinn: LB (DL)
C. Marsh: LB (DL)
O. Okoronkwo: LB (DL)
E. Ogbah: LB (DL)
S. Lawson: LB (DL)
C. Winovich: LB (DL)
M. Golden: LB (DL)
P. Pierre-Paul: LB (DL)
V. Beasley: LB (DL)
H. Landry: LB (DL)
D. Fowler: LB (DL) 

Thank you for being a part of Mr. Sports!!!
Have a great Saturday!!
Happy Trading!



Here at Mr. Sports, we are running a $20 contest for the Draft Thursday

The winner gets $160 credit to their account (enough to buy TWO Teams for Sale or jump into a new keeper draft!) or choose $50 cash!

How it works:
Pick players 1-64 (1st 2 rounds for the draft)
Just pick a Player for the spot
For Example
1. Joe Burrow
2. Grant Delpit
3. Zach Baun
And so on and so on for the first 64 picks
What team selects the player does not matter
10pts for a correct pick
4pts for a pick that is within 1 spot

To Enter:
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Picks due to me by NOON EST on Thursday April 23rd

I will send out a spreadsheet with everyone's selections before the draft

Let's have some fun on Thursday and Friday!! 

Stay healthy!



Gronk to TB!!!

Well, it happened.
Brady talked Gronk into coming out of retirement and joining him in Tampa!!!

Pending a physical, Gronk will be the newest memeber of the TB offense.
QB: Brady
WR: Evans
WR: Godwin
TE; Gronk
TE: Brate or Howard

Holy Cow....  looks like the Saints may have some serious competition!

2019 Champions

Super Tourney Winner: Fists of Justice (R. Soucy)
CL 2: That Helps No One (B. Engel)
CL 3: Griffiron Greats (M. Hurford)
CL 4: Bob Lanciault
EL 1: All Out Blitz (M. Krupa/T. Gough)
EL 2: Eagles (D. McConnico)
EL 3: Kamara Sutra (R. Patricio)
EL 6: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
EL 7: You Done Messed Up, A-Aron (R. Patricio)
EL 8: Flea Flicker (Krupa/Gough)
EL 9: UCLA Bruins (R. Soucy)
EL 10: Bad reputation (R. Zoltowski)
EL 11: Courtesy Flush (P. Gellert)
EL 12: 49ers (M. Cremer)
EL 14: Packers (M. Cremer)
EL 17: Titans (M. Cremer)
EL 21: First and Goal (M. Cremer)
EL 22: Colton's Pack (D. McConnico)
ML 1: Herniated Disks (P. Moser)
ML 2: Fists of Justice (R. Soucy)
ML 3: Giants (M. Cremer)
ML 5: Sleepy (R. Sleeper)
ML 6: Chargers (R. Servaty)
ML 7: Fly Pattern (Krupa/Gough)
ML 8: SCLSU Mud Dogs (A.Moser)
ML 9: Browns (D. Summerford)
ML 10: Dunmore 49ers (P. Forgione)
ML 11: Cardinals (M. Cremer)
ML 12: Amazing Pink Flamingos (V. Alimonti)
ML 13: Dayton Triangles (R. Soucy)
ML 14: Overtime (M. Cremer)
ML 15: Mean Machine (M. Hurford)
ML 16: Al Davis (J. Hatcher)
ML 18: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 19: Mean Machine (M. Hurford)
ML 20: Mean Machine (M. Hurford)
ML 23: Mean Machine (M. Hurford)
ML 25: Southern Thunder (K. Kelley)

Congrats to all of you for winning a title! 
I can't wait for May to roll around and get this whole thing kicked off again!!


Finals Matchups

Congrats to eveyone that made the FINALS!!!
Good luck this weekend!

CL 2: No Clue (M. Lipack/A. Scalfani) vs That Helps No One (B. Engel0
CL 3: Cenla Mosquitohawks (J. Ramos) vs Griffiron Greats (M. Hurford)
CL 4: Bob Lanciault vs Duane McConnico
EL 1: All Out Blitz (M. Krupa/T. Gough) vs The Truth Ertz (R. Patricio)
EL 2: 1 Corinthians 16:13 (M. Fazzio) vs Eagles (D. McConnico)
EL 3: Kamara Sutra (R. Patricio) vs In The Mixon (M. Krupa/T. Gough)
EL 6: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs 1 Peter3:14 (M. Fazzio)
EL 7: 2 Peter 1:19-21 (M. Fazzio) vs You Done Messed Up, A-Aron (R. Patricio)
EL 8: Flea Flicker (M. Fazzio) vs Broncos (M. Cremer)
EL 9: UCLA Bruins (R. Soucy) vs Deuteronomy 31:6 (M. Fazzio)
EL 10: Bad reputation (R. Zoltowski) vs Jimmy Whispers (M. Mazzoni)
EL 11: Courtesy Flush (P. Gellert) vs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
EL 12: Isaiah 5:20 (M. Fazzio) vs 49ers (M. Cremer)
EL 14: Packers (M. Cremer) vs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
EL 17: Job 1:21 (M. Fazzio) vs Titans (M. Cremer)
EL 21: Colton's Pack (D. McConnico) vs First and Goal (M. Cremer)
EL 22: Praise Him (T. Harris) vs Colton's Pack (D. McConnico)
ML 1: Herniated Disks (P. Moser) vs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 2: Ryder's Pack (D. McConnico) vs Fists of Justice (R. Soucy)
ML 3: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs Giants (M. Cremer)
ML 5: Sleepy (R. Sleeper) vs Fourth and Goal (M. Cremer)
ML 6: Chargers (R. Servaty) vs Republican Afterbirth (T. Evans)
ML 7: Bucs (D. Summerford) vs Fly Pattern (M. Krupa/T. Gough)
ML 8: Hebrews 10:12 (M. Adams) vs SCLSU Mud Dogs (A.Moser)
ML 9: Browns (D. Summerford) vs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 10: Ryder's Pack (D. McConnico) vs Dunmore 49ers (P. Forgione)
ML 11: Cardinals (M. Cremer) vs Sleepy 2 (R. Sleeper)
ML 12: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs Amazing Pink Flamingos (V. Alimonti)
ML 13: Mean Machine (M. Hurford) vs Dayton Triangles (R. Soucy)
ML 14: Overtime (M. Cremer) vs Lenny's Lineman (A. Scafidi)
ML 15: Outkasts 4 (R. Servaty) vs Mean Machine (M. Hurford)
ML 16: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs Al Davis (J. Hatcher)
ML 18: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster) vs Colton's Crew (D. McConnico)
ML 19: Mean Machine (M. Hurford) vs Zach's Warriors (M. Adams)
ML 20: Mean Machine (M. Hurford) vs Red Zone (M. Krupa/T.Gough)
ML 23: Dunmore Cadinals (P. Forgione) vs Mean Machine (M. Hurford)
ML 25: Southern Thunder (K. Kelley) vs Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)

Tuesday Tango Week 5

The  All Pro Team
QB: Watson (51.74)
RB: A. Jones (45.70), C. McCaffrey (44.70)
WR: W. Fuller (46.70). M. Thomas (35.70), A. Cooper (34.10)
TE: G. Everett (17.10)
K: D. Bailey (16.00)
Flex: DJ Chark (32.40)
DL: B. Burns (19), B. Graham (18), J. Phillips/D. Hunter/Y.Ngakoue (15)
LB: AJ Johnson (16), D.Hightower (15), N. Gerry (15)
CB: O. Scandrick (27)
S: E. Reid (15)
Jones and Fuller had all-time type days...  certainly, probably not repeatable but both certainly have the talent to put up big production on a regular basis...  will it last?... my bet is Jones returns to a fantasy-tease and Fuller is a boom-bust player.
I sure hope there are more days for Watson like this in the future....  yes, the points are nice but I'm talking about ZERO sacks!
The All Oh-No Team
QB: P. Rivers (4.14)
RB: Dam. Williams (5.30), M. Gordon (5.80)
WR: M. Evans (0.00), K. Allen (3.80), J. Jones (5.70)
TE: D. Waller (5.90)
DL: A. Donald (3.00)
LB: Shaq Barrett (2.00), B. Wagner (5.00)
CB: K.Fuller (3.00)
S: E.Thomas (3.00)
If you rolled this team out, you'd have put up a whopping 46.64pts!
Zero points for Evans?...  you gotta be kidding me...  Arians might be the biggest fraud of a head coach there is... 
I can almost give a pass to Williams and Gordon since they are coming back off a layoff... but if you suit up and play, you have to put up the numbers!
Quick hits
ATL: their soul is in the hands of Belichick... and have you seen a more useless 727 passing yards the last 2 weeks than Matty Melting Ice?
HOU: good things happen when you keep D. Watson upright (51.74pts!)
LAR: Gurley is a worry for fantasy owners; without TD's, he becomes Dion Lewis
SEA: Wilson/Carson/Lockett: most underrated trio in the league
JAC: Minshew Mania real and that Fournette guy has got it goin' on (47.20pts the last two weeks)
CAR: Life is easier when you have a Christian on your team....  McCaffrey, that is (44.70pts)
ARI: A win is a win but it was vs Cincy...  love me some Kyler!
CIN: already playing out the string... Boyd seems like the only solid weekly fantasy starter here...  hey Joe, where are you?... and AJ is sitting back, saying "yeah, I'm good"
TB: Obviously, Godwin is the WR to have here....  Evans, 3 targets, zero catches, zero points...  can't trust Crablegs Jameis
NO: Teddy channels Drew to the tune of 35.26pts
MIN: Maybe the WR should complain every week: Thielen 28.50pts.. clear who Cousins likes/hates: Thielen 8 targets, Diggs 4 targets
CHI: So Chase Daniel is an upgrade?...judge, throw out that theory... and what has happened to T. Cohen?...  he is invisible
OAK: Do not sit Jacobs vs any team...  excellent game with 27.80pts..  Chucky's back!!
NYJ: Gase, you said you were a good head coach, the lie detector says, That's a Lie!...  go ahead and drop all NYJ offense players from your fantasy team, sans-Bell
PHI: Welcome back, Orlando Scandrick, 27pts
BAL: L. Jax, 13.44pts with 3-int's... nice win for him but we don't really care for fantasy purposes... and he has just what the doctor ordered to get back on track in Week 6: Bengals D!
PIT: Valiant effort, but no QB so little chance of winning... maybe they should have kept that RD 1 pick, looking like a Top 5!
BUF: Games are almost unwatchable and only Jordan Phillips-DL was fantasy relevant with 15pts...  and he is a FA in EVERY league
TEN: and this is the team that's unwatchable...  how did they beat CLE again??... Mariota 8.62pts... A. Humphries 5pts... C. Davis 3.8pts... AJ Brown 3.7pts... Henry 13.8pts...  sickening
NE: Hey, welcome to the season, Sony Michel!!  Thank you Boston Tom for providing Michel fantasy value this week 19.8pts
WAS: one word, disaster... no RB, the leading WR is S. Sims who got basically  all his points (13.6) on one end-around run for a TD... and only 3 defensive players in the Top 100 this week!
DEN: feast or famine with Lindsay: Weeks 1, 2, 4 = 23.70... Weeks 3, 5 = 49.70...  C. Sutton coming a solid fantasy contributor week-to-week with a 14.22 avg.
LAC: Rivers 32 completions for 211 yards...  yeah, I'd say he was Bortles-esque in this one...  and welcome back to Melvin Gordon, he rewarded us fantasy owners with 5.8pts!!!
GB: Aaron F-ing Jones, 45.70pts...  great week but only 107 rush yards... thank God for TD's...my guess,he is about 10pts next week
DAL: have you ever seen a more useless 463 yards passing?... and what happened to feeding Zeke?...  62 yards rushing... feed that man!!
IND: Fantastic defensive effort with several guys out including the big dog D. Leonard....  and an offensive game-plan to slow down the KC juggernaut... run, run and run some more....  if you have Mack, you're happy....  if you started anyone else, no bueno
KC: Unless you had a guy named Pringle, which none of you did, you are not happy.... Williams/McCoy combo got you 7.60pts...
CLE: Hope you didn't start Mayfield... a solid NEGATIVE 1 point!...  4/8 TD to INT ratio this year....  Mayfield is making Cleveland fans long for the days of Tim Couch...  I can hear OBJ now: "man, I remermber when I had it so good with Eli"
SF: Any more underrated team this season?...  that defense is a beast...  running game looks good...  Jimmy G, jury is still out

Tip of the Week
Bet ON a team that looked terrible in a national TV game the previous week
Bet AGAINST a team that looked great in a national TV game the previous week
Guess where the stars line up this week: CLE (+1) vs SEA
Thanks me later

Enjoy the week and get your prep work done for Week 6!!

Team of the Week

Position Starters Proteam TW Breakdown
QB Lamar Jackson Bal 30.48 247 Pass, 66 Rush, 3 TD, 2 Int
RB Todd Gurley LAR 22.5 16 Rush, 54 Receiving, 7 Rec, 2 TD
RB Christian McCaffrey Car 28.9 93 Rush, 86 Receiving, 10 Rec, 1 TD
WR Mecole Hardman KC 0.9 9 Receiving, 2 Rec, 1 Fumb
WR Michael Thomas NO 14.0 95 Receiving, 9 Rec
WR Robert Woods LAR 22.9 164 Receiving, 13 Rec
TE Zach Ertz Phi 10.0 65 Receiving, 7 Rec
HB (RB) Leonard Fournette Jac 25.5 225 Rush, 20 Receiving, 2 Rec
PK Matt Prater Det 15.0 1 FG(<40), 1 FG(40-49), 1 FG(50-59), 3 XP
DL Denico Autry Ind 2.0 1 Tackle, 1 PD
DL Marcus Davenport NO 1.0 1 Assist
DL Robert Quinn Dal 12.0 3 Tackles, 2.0 Sacks, 1 PD
LB Myles Jack Jac 6.0 3 Tackles, 3 Assists
LB Leighton Vander Esch Dal 11.0 10 Tackles, 1 Assist
LB Anthony Walker Ind 13.0 7 Tackles, 2 Assists, 1.0 Sack
CB Damarious Randall Cle 7.0 2 Tackles, 1 Assist, 1.0 Sack
S Ronnie Harrison Jac 11.0 3 Tackles, 2 Assists, 1 Int, 1 PD
Position 1st Backups Proteam TW Breakdown
QB Aaron Rodgers GB 0(30.48) 422 Pass, 46 Rush, 2 TD, 1 Int, 1 Fumb
RB Malcolm Brown LAR 0(1.4) 14 Rush
WR DeVante Parker Mia 0(15.0) 70 Receiving, 4 Rec, 1 TD
TE Dallas Goedert Phi 0(8.6) 16 Receiving, 2 Rec, 1 TD
HB (RB) Jordan Scarlett Car 0(0.0) Played, No Stats
DL Ziggy Ansah Sea 0(9.0) 5 Tackles, 1.0 Sack
LB Todd Davis Den 0(12.0) 7 Tackles, 5 Assists
CB Bobby McCain Mia DNP Did Not Play
S Kyzir White LAC 0(0.0) Played, No Stats
Offense = 170.18       Defense = 63       Total = 233.18
Position Bench Proteam TW Breakdown
QB Jacoby Brissett Ind 0(28.5) 265 Pass, 19 Rush, 3 TD, 1 Int
WR Michael Gallup Dal DNP Did Not Play
RB Damien Harris NE DNP Did Not Play
WR Tyreek Hill KC DNP Did Not Play
TE Jordan Reed Was DNP Did Not Play
WR T.Y. Hilton Ind DNP Did Not Play
LB Vontaze Burfict Oak 0(1.0) 1 Tackle

Congrats to: Ray Patricio

Ray's team put up a whopping 233.18!!!

Lamar Jackson lead the way with 30.48 points.
I am stil not sold on him but no one can argue about the great start to his season as QB1... Who would have guessed he would out-point Pat Mahomes over the first four weeks, 130 to 126?....  certainly not me! 

Ray's stable of excellent RB's piled up 76.9 points....  Fournette, Gurley and McCaffrey are going to be a formidable bunch as the season progresses,

Congrats again, Ray....  excellent week and in the drivers seat at 4-0 in the division!


The Tuesday Tango


Wild Week 2...  no time to waste, let’s get to it!!

Déjà Vu 

A trip to the Super Bowl is on the line.... a pass to the flat.... an egregious hit...  refs looking at each other....  oh, wait.... that was last year....  

This time, the Rams went back to pass....  Goff hit, clear fumble, 80+ yard TD!!! ….  but wait....  whistle, play dead...  no TD, no Drew Brees, no beignet, no justice!   

This one was probably a bigger game-changer than the NFC Champ Game, if that’s even possible....  completely changed the complexion of the game...  I swear, it’s like a bunch of Don Denkinger’s are out there when the Saints take the field....  if you don’t get that reference, YouTube Don D!

“The Triage”  

*Drew Brees: out 6 weeks...  has only missed 1 game because of injury since high school!  

*Big Ben: out for the year... when was the last time you heard of a QB getting elbow surgery... answer: never...  See you in the HOF Ben! 

*D. Williams: hurt his knee, but only EIGHT yards rushing before he left 

*James Conner: The Terminator only had 11 yards on the ground but added a TD to salvage his day before leaving with a hurt knee....  looks like he is playing Week 3 

*Alshon Jeffery: the dreaded, “played, no stats” ...  likely out Week 3 

*Fournette: only 87 total yards, now in concussion protocol  

*Gallup: solid game before injury... will be out 2-4 weeks

Step Your Game Up 

*HOU offensive line....  it’s offensive alright...  8 games in a row that Watson has been sacked at least four times....  yes, FOUR times, EIGHT games in a row!!!... they are going to get him killed... maybe Larry Allen is available.    

*Dolphins GM, Chris Grier...  this team is an embarrassment to the NFL and should be relegated to the XFL immediately...  please promote the Tampa Bay Vipers, sight unseen.... can’t be any worse than what is out on the field now 

*Kirk “Not Kurt” Cousins...  is there really anything more to explain? … here is something for you to chew on: he is going to make $130M in career earnings by the end of 2020

All Week 2 Team 

QB: Mahomes (40.62) 

RB: D. Cook (26.60), A. Jones (23.0) 

WR: D. Robinson (32.2), J. Jones (25.1) 

TE: M. Andrews (21.2) 

Flex: E. Sanders (23.3) 

K: J. Slye (16) 

DL: D. Autry (15), S. Tuitt (14), D. Hunter (13) 

LB: L. Kuechly (20), J. Collins (19), W. Mercilus (16) 

CB: S. Gilmore (16) 

S: M. Nicholson (15)

Not Bad Meaning Bad but Bad meaning Good 

L. Jax....  Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty...   

I am honestly shocked at how awesome he has looked...  color me puzzled as to how well he is throwing the ball.... 39.22ppg with seven TD’s...  and more importantly, he is showing complete command of the offense....  kudos to you, Ozzie Newsome, for that talent eval and making moves to get him at pick #32 (standing up, applauding)   

Get Out Your Pencils, it’s Math-Time!  

*Mixon (4.2) + McCaffrey (6.3) + Kamara (6.5) + D. Williams (7.1) < D. Cook (26.6) 

Talk about four clunkers...  I’m pretty sure these guys cost you a win this week 

*Gordon (3.4) + Woods (5.2) + Hopkins (6.5) + Evans (8.1) < D. Robinson (32.2) 

What all should have been high-scoring games, all four were held in check

Put Out an ABP 

*Kamara: 60 total yards on 16 touches... Ito Smith-like 

*D. Freeman: 11.5 points this year... acting like CJ Anderson 

*D. Johnson: only 7 carries this week...  hope this isn’t a trend 

*P. Lindsay: 8.6ppg 2-weeks in a row...  have a feeling, there will be A LOT of these this year 

*Dante Pettis: is he even playing? 

*Mitchell Trubisky: will the real Mitch please stand up?... he is the #34 QB...  I thought there were only 32 teams?... yeah, that’s bad! 

Come on Eileen! 

D. Robinson-WR-KC: 32.2 points this week 

Any piece of the KC offense on any given week could be a game-winner for you...  this week, the honor goes to Demarcus Robinson, the fourth-year player out of Florida.  

He probably won’t have this many points combined the rest of the season but this week, he is a true, one hit wonder! 

And....  in case you were wondering 

Seven dogs covered the spread (six if you got Denver under +2.5) 

Five of them won outright 

Tip #1: when in doubt, take the dog!  

Good luck in Week 3 players.

Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports! 

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