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Through the Grind... down to the Nitty Gritty!

I hope you enjoyed the All Star festivities and took my advice and had Soto winning the HR Derby!!  

4-Weeks left in the season starting Monday, July 25th
No pickups this week, starts back RD 1 pickups on July 30th
Lineups lock Monday, July 25th at 6:40pm EST (3:40pm PST) 

Best of luck down the strecth!  

Team of the Week
Week 1: Levittown Pride, F. Priolo, EL 14, 355
Week 2: 1 Rockin Redbirds, G. Siebern, EL 99, 389
Week 3: No Pitching No Problem, B. Engel, ML 29, 380
Week 4: Here Comes The Judge, B. Deutsch, ML 28, 424
Week 5: The Plantation, M. Deutsch, EL 1, 384
Week 6: Whiz Kids, M. Hoffmaster, EL 18, 391
Week 7: CM Punk, T. Morris, ML 22, 444
Week 8: 5 Gamers, G. Siebern, ML 5, 422
Week 9: TJP Parrothead Frenzy, F. Priolo, EL 4, 411
Week 10: Red Dragon, T. Morris, ML 11, 445
Week 11: The Round Trippers, B. Deutsch, ML 14, 422
Week 12: Built 4 Speed, M. Stein, EL 4, 410
Week 13: Bad Reputation, R. Zoltowski, EL 1, 420
Week 14: Brew Crew, D. Summerford, ML 12, 397
Week 15: Poker in the Rear, B. Engel, ML 25, 422
Have a great weekend and thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports! 
The Commish

Through Two Weeks

Team of the Week
Week 1: Levittown Pride, F. Priolo, EL 14, 355
Week 2: 1 Rockin Redbirds, G. Siebern, EL 99, 389
Out of the Gate Fast...  Slow Starts.... Good Week, Bad Week...
Trying to figure out players this early is a big challenge.
The All 2-Week Team (min 4 games, ppg, with comments)
C: J. Heim 7.00... who?
1B: B. Belt 5.43... enjoy now, pray for health!
2B: J. Chisholm 5.29... jazzin it up on South Beach
SS: O. Miller 5.88... hopefully he lasts as long as Barney Miller
3B: N. Arenado 7.00... went to the same High School as Matt Chapman, and my wife taught there.
OF: Y. Alvarez 5.80... creaky knees don't matter when you jog around the bases
OF: S. Suzuki 5.50... imported to America, he is exporting the ball to the stands regularly
OF: B. Nimmo 4.83... the Captain is in charge!
SP: C. Bassitt 21.00... changes places, same top-level results
SP: A. Manoah 20.00... he has wiffle-ball stuff
SP: T. Megill. 20.00... 4th year out of Arizona, the long ball killed him last year, 11k 0bb
RP: J. Romano 72pts... came out of nowhere last year
RP: T. Rogers 60pts... trades are a good thing
Some tough starts for players that are expected to be big contributors:
OF: J. Winker 1.90... will be interesting to see can if he can hit lefties
OF: F. Reyes 1.11... 7% BB/K ratio, 36% K rate
OF:  J. Gallo 1.11.... see above
C: Y. Grandal 1.86... .158 BABIP, that will turn around
1B: M. Sano 1.60... same guy, same spot, nothing to see here
1B: J. Votto 1.27... has Father Time finally caught up?
2B: C. Biggio 0.57... dad?, DAD??
SS: D. Swanson 1.58... 20 K's in 42 AB's, guess he wants to set the record!
And finally, the rookies... 
How are they holding up to Big League pitching (well, unless they were facing recently retired Jake Arrieta)
1B: S. Torkelson 3.00
SS: B. Witt Jr 1.63
SS: CJ Abrams 1.67
SS: J. Pena 3.22
SS: B. Stott 1.25
OF: S. Suzuki 5.50
SP: M. Gore 9.00
SP: H. Greene 11.50
SP: N. Lodolo 3.00
Some bumps-in-the-road are to be expected... will be exciting to see how they progress.
We are back to the regular schedule for the rest of the season starting in Week 4: April 25-May 1 (7 days, 3 opponents, 9 games)
Good luck and thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports! 
The Commish

20220 Predictions

AL MVP: Vlady
NL MVP: J Soto
AL ROY: J Rodriguez
NL ROY: O. Cruz
AL Fireman: R Iglesias
NL Fireman: K Jansen
AL Cy Young: S Bieber
NL Cy Young: M Fried
Long Shots
AL MVP: L. Robert
NL MVP: D. Carlson
AL Cy Young: A. Manoah
NL Cy Young: L. Webb
Fantasy Comeback Hitter: C Bellinger
Fantasy Comeback Pitcher: A. Nola
MLB HR Leader: M. Trout
MLB Stolen Base Leader: A. Mondesi
AL East: Blue Jays
AL Central: White Sox
AL West: Astros
Wild Cards: Yankees, Angels, Rays
NL East: Braves
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: Dodgers
Wild Cards: Padres, Phillies, Brewers
World Series Matchup: Yankees vs Cardinals
World Series Winner: Cardinals
Like 'em, Hate 'em... I want your reaction! 


Honestly, today should be a National Holiday!! 
If you are like me, you will sit back, crack a cold drink, and enjoy the afternoon and evening games.
Who will be this year's Tuffy Rhodes?
Will Bob Feller's 1940 performance show up today?
Will there be a historic comeback like the Tigers in 1901?
What will the rookies show in their first MLB game?
Exciting stuff and can't wait to watch!!!! 
Week 1: April 7th-12th
RD 1 pickups posted Monday at 11am EST
RD 2 pickups posted Tuesday at 11am EST
Check out the Teams for Sale.
Some excellent teams available.
Opening Day Special: any Unowned team is FREE in 2023!!!
Thanks you for being a part of Mr. Sports.
Best of luck to you this year and HAVE FUN!!!
The Commish

DRAFTS, Opening Week Stuff and NEW FEATURE!!

Baseball Season is THREE DAYS AWAY!!!
I hope you are getting excited like I am! 
Only 2-spots left in the Champion 2 Draft!!!
Get in NOW!!!! 
Email me to get in OR go here and sign up: https://www.mrsports.com/baseball/drafts.cfm
RD 1: posted at 11am EST April 5th (tomorrow)
RD 2: posted at 11am EST April 6th (Wednesday)
The season starts Thursday April 7th... make sure your lineups are in!!
Week 1: April 7-12 (6 days vs 2 opponents)
Week 2: April 13-18 (6 days vs 2 opponents)
Week 3: April 19-24 (6 days vs 2 opponents)
Week 4: Regular schedule (Mon-Sun) through Week 20 (7 days vs 3 opponents)
For the first 3-Weeks, I will be sending out a reminder when Lineups are due and when pickups will be posted... it will also be updated on the Baseball Homepage.
Injured List (IL)
A player is eligible to be placed on our fantasy IL as soon as the MLB team places the player on their IL. 
When you go into your pickups, you will see a button "Across the Board"
If you click on that, you can use this NEW feature to add a player (or remove a player) to your Specified Round of pickups for ALL of your teams at once!!
Please play around with it and use it....  any questions, let me know.
This should save you a lot of time with adding players across all of our teams as well as seeing who is on what team.
Hope you like it! 
Any feedback would be great.
Check them out....  2023 is free!!!! 
Wander Franco: EL 3 (San Antonio Branchos)
Acuna, Devers, Ohtani, Eloy: EL 7 (ATL Black Crackers)
Acuna, Devers: EL 9 (Chicago Columbia Giants)
Trout: EL 14 (Cleveland Bears)
Tatis, Witt Jr: ML 3 (Hilldale Club)
Acuna: ML 8 (Harrisburg Giants)
Acuna: ML 17 (Secret Nine)
Trout, JRod (in the BIGS NOW), Witt Jr: ML 21 (Newark Browns)
Tatis, Machado: ML 31 (Seattle Steelheads)
Soto, Witt Jr: ML 31 (Schenectady Mohawk Giants)
Thanks again for being a part of Mr. Sports.
AGAIN....  DRAFT TONIGHT.... Get in now!!!

The Commish

The Season is Upton Us!!!

Good afternoon
I hope your weekend has started off great!!
The season is almost here... I am excited and can't wait for Opening Day! 

Champ 1: ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!!!
Sunday, April 3rd, @ 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST)

Champ 2: ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!!!
Monday, April 4th, @ 8:30pm EST (5:30 PST)

Champ 3: ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!!!
Wednesday, April 6th, @ 8:30 EST(5:30 PST)

Sign up here
KEEPER LEAGUE: Please email me if interested in a new start up league

From now until Opening Day, any Team for Sale that you buy is FREE in 2023!!
Some excellent ones available, don't miss out!!

The season starts Thursday April 7th.
Week 1: April 7-12 (6 days vs 2 opponents)
Week 2: April 13-18 (6 days vs 2 opponents)
Week 3: April 19-24 (6 days vs 2 opponents)
Week 4: Regular schedule (Mon-Sun) through Week 20 (7 days vs 3 opponents)

You can trade anytime.
Just drop me a note letting me know your trade is in the system.

AGAIN... don't miss out on a DRAFT!!!... definitely one of the most fun times of the season!
Sign up now: https://www.mrsports.com/baseball/drafts.cfm

Thank you and have a fantastic weekend!

The Commish

DRAFTS and stuff!!!!

I hope everything is going great for you!!

Baseball is a week away and that means.... DRAFT TIME!!

Check out this year's drafts:
Champ 1: Sunday, April 3rd, @ 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST)
Champ 2: Monday, April 4th, @ 8:30pm EST (5:30 PST)
Champ 3: Wednesday, April 6th, @ 8:30 EST(5:30 PST)
Sign up here
KEEPER LEAGUE: Please email me if interested in a new start up league

From now until Opening Day, any Team for Sale that you buy is FREE in 2023!!
Some excellent ones available, don't miss out!!

The roster size will be 31 players all this season. With COVID still lingering, the extra spots will be necessary for this season. Hopefully, after this year, we will go back to 29 up to the Trade Deadline and 31 after the trade deadline.

The Redraft will finish up with RD 19 the morning of April 2nd
There will be two rounds of pickups prior to the season.
RD 1: posted at 11am EST April 5th
RD 2: posted at 11am EST April 6th

You can enter them into the system and they will be processed when both sides are identical.


Good evening

New player position changes
Changed: New (old)
G. Soto-RP (SP)
M. Fulmer-RP (SP)
N. Cortez-SP (RP)

If there are any other changes to SP/RP before this weekend, I will update here.

Good luck!

The Commish



I'm so glad the players and owners came to their senses and got an agreement done.

Season starts: Thursday, April 7th

Will end Saturday, midnight EST (9pm PST)

Will be posted this Sunday March 13th at 11am EST (8am PST)

Will be posted Tuesday March 15th at 11am EST (8am PST) ... and every subsequent day at the same time until the morning of April 2nd (RD 19)

Still some excellent Unowned Teams out there....  check them out!

Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports!

The Commish

Preseason Update

Good morning/afternoon

First, fighting through Covid Seasons... now a lockout... Us baseball fans have been through a lot!  

Right now, MLB/MLBPA are meeting and I hope they strike a deal but I'm not holding my breath!!  

In the event they do have a deal tonight, cutdowns and the redraft will remain the same.

In the unfortunate event that they do NOT reach a deal tonight, we will move cutdowns back "until further notice".
This will allow trading to continue.

My recommendation:
Enter your cutdowns for your team(s) today. You can always change them.
Once a deal is struck, we will be moving quickly to get cutdowns done and the redraft started.

Any questions, let me know.
Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports!
The Commish

Baseball 2022: Let's Rock and Roll!!!

Yes, it is that time of year: Baseball 2022 Preseason!!!  

The site is updated for the 2022 season so feel free to start trading, enter your cutdowns and pay.

If you do not plan on coming back to a league, please let me know ASAP. I would really appreciate it!  

Already a ton of baseball Free Agent signings:
That's just to name some of the moves...  great to see guys signing!  

And Wander Franco signing an 11-yr/$182M deal...  GREAT thinking by TB to lock him up.

Positions will be updated as the preseason moves along. Reminder, positions are determined where the player WILL play in 2022, not where they have played in the past.
Feel free to let me know any position moves you think should be considered.
Changed: New (old)
G. Soto-RP (SP)
M. Fulmer-RP (SP)
N. Cortez-SP (RP)
A. Vaughn- OF (1B)
W. Castro- 2B (SS)
W. Merifield- 2B (OF)
Vlad-1B (3B)
M. Semien-2B (SS)
G. Sheets-OF (1B)
T. France-1B (2B)
T. Edman-2B (OF)
B. Dalbec-1B (3B)
J. Chisolm-2B (SS)
I. Kiner-Falefa- 3B (2B)
L. Garcia-SP (RP)
H. Ynoa-SP (RP)

Key Dates
Early Bird pickups, 4 total rounds:
**RD 1: posted Feb 12, 11:00am EST (8:00am PST)
**RD 2: posted Feb 13, 11:00am EST (8:00am PST)
**RD 1: posted Feb 26, 11:00am EST (8:00am PST)
**RD 2: posted Feb 27, 11:00am EST (8:00am PST)
Cutdowns: March 1st
Redraft: starts March 5th (each round will be posted at 11am EST-8:00am PST each morning)
Redraft Ends: RD 19, morning of March 24th
Season starts: March 31st
20-Week Season
Trade Deadline: 1st pitch July 4th
Week 17 is All Star Week, no fantasy games (AS Game is July 19th at Dodger Stadium)
Week 20: End of regular season (Aug. 14th)
Week 21-22: Playoffs Round 1 (Aug 15-28)
Week 23-24: Finals (Aug 29-Sept 11)
Week 25-26: Super Tourney (Sept 12-25)

Who's going to get the 1st trade in?

Let's start dealing!!!  

Have a great December
Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports! 
The Commish

Baseball Wrap!!!

Congrats to Wait Till This Year, Scott O's team, for winning the Super Tourney! 
I want to thank you all for a GREAT fantasy baseball season.... it was one of the most enjoyable that I can remember.

The OFFSEASON will start Dec. 1st.... get ready for some trading!! 
If you won money, you will be getting an email around Oct 10th from me with your balance and instructions.... it takes me about 2-weeks for me to go through everyone's account to make sure all is up to date and correct....  thanks for your patience! 
Some Fun numbers from the baseball season
Highest Weekly Score:
Week 8, 456, Beane Ballers, ML 14 (Sean M.)
Highest Total OVERALL Avg. Points Per Week:
344.95, Matzoh Marinara, ML 1, Ben A.
Highest Total HITTING Avg. Points Per Week:
219.63, Heeeeeere's Johnny, ML 35, Brian E.
Highest Total PITCHING Avg. Points Per Week:
139.74, Dave's Destroyers, EL 16, Dave D
Top players for the season (Week 1-20, min 82 games played, based on PPG)
C: W. Smith (3.35)
1B: Olson (4.04)
2B: Semien (3.95)
SS: Tatis (4.93)
3B: Vlad Jr. (4.37)
OF: Acuna (4.48), Ohtani (4.37). Winker (4.04)
SP: deGrom (18.33), W. Buehler (16.75), Wheeler (16.00), Wainwright (15.97), Rodon (15.95)
RP: Melancon (453pts), A Reyes (419pts), Iglesias (409pts), Hendriks (407pts)
Top players from 1st half (Weeks 1-10, min 40 games played)
C: S. Perez (3.26)
1B: Olson (3.93)
2B: Semien (3.95)
SS: Tatis Jr (5.14)
3B: Vlad Jr (4.58)
OF: Winker (4.64), Acuna (4.53), Castellanos (4.19)
SP: deGrom (20.56), Rodon (19.11), Gausman (19.00), Lynn (18.50), Woodruff (16.75), Gibson (16.64)
RP: Melancon (251pts), A Reyes (246pts), Hader (219pts)
Top players from 2nd half (Weeks 11-20, min 40 games played)
C: W. Smith (3.78)
1B: Votto (4.55)
2B: B. Lowe (4.06)
SS: Tatis Jr (4.74)
3B: Vlad Jr (4.17)
OF:  Ohtani (4.61), Springer (4.33), Harper (4.28)
SP: Wainwright (18.83), Buehler (18.46), Wheeler (16.42), Bassitt (16.25), Ray (15.54), G Marquez (15.45)
RP: Iglesias (242pts), E Diaz (213pts), W Smith (209pts)
Top players in the Playoffs (Week 21-26, min 15 games played)
C: Grandal (4.83)
1B: Goldschmidt (5.11)
2B: Semien (4.31)
SS: W. Franco (4.30)
3B: J. Ramirez (4.53)
OF: Soto (5.32), Harper (5.18), Happ (4.54)
SP: Scherzer (19.43), Fried (19.29), J Urias (17.43), Alcantra (17.25), Wainwright (16.75), Montas (16.50)
RP: Jansen (191pts), Romano (163pts), Hader (154pts), Gallegos (154pts)
All-Bargain Team (pickup up for cheap in the preseason, in the redraft or off the wire)
C: O. Narvaez (2.80-5th ranked catcher)
1B: Votto (3.99)
2B: C. Taylor (3.58)
SS: B. Crawford (3.71)
3B: J. Turner (3.51)
OF: T. Hernandez (3.81), C. Mullins (3.63), B. Reynolds (3.62)
SP: Wainwright (15.96), Gausman (15.61), Miley (14.90), F. Peralta (14.27)
RP: M. Melancon (453pts), A Reyes (419pt). McGee (380pts)
MASH Unit 2021!
C: M. Garver
1B: L. Voit
2B: K Marte
SS: C Seager
3B: Rendon, Bregman
OF: Trout, Acuna, Buxton
SP: Strasburg, Bieber, Flaherty, Soroka, Glasnow, D.May
AND....  Now, what you have been waiting for.... 
The All-Disappointment Team!!!
C: G. Sanchez (2.86)
1B: A. Rizzo (2.90)
2B: Biggio (2.44)
SS: G. Torres (2.60)
3B: E. Suarez (2.81)
OF: Bellinger (2.22), T. Grisham (2.92), Yelich (2.97)
SP: Gallen (9.14), Snell (10.04), Nola (10.32), Darvish (11.10)
RP: T. Rogers (183pts), B. Hand (5.60)
Dishonorable mention: Hosmer (2.52), G. Lux (2.70), F. Lindor (3.04), M. Chapman (2.98), Moncada (2.95), C. Frazier (1.92), W. Myers (2.57), J. Luzardo (4.78), Paddack (9.65), Greinke (11.83), I. Anderson (11.13),
Some fun facts
Number of 4.0+ppg hitters, regular season: 8
Number of 3.5-3.99 hitters, regular season: 31
Number of 3.0-3.49 hitters, regular season: 54
Number of 15+ppg pitchers, regular season: 7
Number of 13.0-14.99 pitchers, regular season: 24
Number of 11.0-12.99 pitchers, regular season: 22
Number of position players above 3.5ppg (at primary position)
C: Zero (highest 3.35, W. Smith)
1B: 6
2B: 5
SS: 6
3B: 7
OF: 13
DH: 2
Thanks again for being a part of Mr. Sports... I appreciate you!!

Back Up!

Good morning
We are back up!!
Thanks a ton for your patience. 
Scores will be updated for Saturday by the end of today.
RD 1: posted 11pm EST (8:00pm PST) TODAY
RD 2: posted 11am PST (8:00am PST) TOMORROW (Monday)
Lineups lock at 5:10pm EST (2:10pm PST)
Thanks again for our patience.
I appreciate you! 
Have a great Sunday!

Eight Weeks in, some big surprises!

The year is flying by...Week 8 in the books!!
Some big surprises
Some HUGE disappointments
Let's take a look at what has transpired thus far.... 
Through 8 Weeks, your top players are (min 24 GP)
C: B Posey (4.03)... youth revisited
1B: M. Muncy (4.02)... professional hitter
2B: C. Taylor (3.80)... finally getting to play everyday
SS: F. Tatis Jr.(5.33)... two words: first: STUD... second: FUN
3B: V. Guerrero Jr (4.56)... lost weight, gained
OF: B. Buxton (4.83)... finally, then he gets hurt
OF: J. Winker (4.64)...  Power Company Leader
OF: N. Castellanos (4.61)... Part 2 of the Power Company
SP: C. Rodon (22.00)... 5-1, 1.27, 62/12 and still under the radar
SP: J deGrom (21.17)... being himself
SP: J. Means (18.56)... means business, where did he come from?
RP: A. Reyes (207pts)... finally, a position where he can thrive
RP: M. Melancon (200pts)... money, money, money
Most current 4 week hot hands
C:B. Posey (4.81)
1B: V. Guerrero Jr. (5.17)
2B: M. Semien (4.75)
SS: F. Tatis Jr (5.87)
3B: J. Ramirez (4.46)
OF: N Castellanos (4.86)
OF: J Winker (4.83)
OF: G. Stanton (4.47)
SP: C. Kluber (22.40)
SP:  J. Means (21.75)
SP:  K. Gausman (20.75)
RP: A. Reyes (137pts)
RP: A. Chapman (124pts)
How have RD 1 and RD 2 of a standard draft done:
R. Acuna: OF4...might be the best on the game
M. Trout: OF6... out 8 weeks, ouch!!!!
M. Betts: OF10... not being Mookie yet
J. Soto: OF26... didn't see this coming, swing at bad pitches
C. Bellinger: only 4 games played
F. Tatis Jr: SS1.... sick!!
F. Freeman:1B5... coming around
B. Harper: OF18...  be better!
C. Yelich: OF38, only 15 games played
J. deGrom: SP2... Pedroesque!
P. Alonso: 1B13... gimme some power dude!
G. Cole: SP8... has been excellent
F. Lindor: SS24... no shock, seen it before: sign big deal, then the tank
S. Bieber: SP30... walking way too many
M. Olson: 1B4... excellent young masher
T. Story: SS11... slow start, definitely getting traded in July
T. Turner: SS4... one of the best at a deep position
J. Ramirez: 3B4... underrated
V. Guerrero Jr.:3B1... his swing is fun to watch
M. Machado: 3B9... about right
T. Bauer: SP9... great stuff, expect Top 5
C. Seager: SS10... out a month, has been solid
A. Rendon: 3B21... been hurt but not consistent

Eleven Weeks left in the season... time to make moves to compete or to look forward to 2022.

Good luck!



Four Weeks in....

We are already FOUR Weeks into the season.... hard to believe!

There are some winners, some losers and some just terrible play by what we thought would be topp players.

All Star Team
C: C. Kelly (4.19).... finally arriving?
1B: M. Olson (4.16)... after a slow start, en fuego now!
2B: C. Taylor (3.94)... play the man, he keeps raking! 
SS: F Tatis Jr (4.80)... absolute stud!
3B: J. Turner (4.60)... he can flat out hit a baseball, COVID be damned!
OF:R. Acuna (5.53)... out to prove he deserves top billing
OF: M. Trout (5.06)... yup, same great player, year after year
OF: B. Buxton (4.67)... may be finally living up to the hype
DH: JD Martinez (5.29)... he's back!!!
SP: J DeGrom (23.50)... looking like Pedro, he's unhittable
SP: D. Duffy (20.00)... shades of 2016
SP: C. Burnes (19.25)... burnin' the competition since 2020!
RP: M. Melancon (102pts)... wasn't even named closer until the season started
RP: J. McGee (100pts)... who knew he was even on the SF team until he got to 4 saves?
Shockingly excellent thus far:
Y Gurriel (3.90), J. Aguilar (3.40)
R. McMahon (3.76), J. Lowrie (3.75), J. Wendle (3.74)
E. Escobar (4.00), K. Bryant (3.95), E. Longoria (3.39)
J.  Winker (4.38), M. Canha (3.90)
S Ohtani (4.42)
S. Matz (18.50), M. Boyd (17.60), K. Gibson (16.60)
M. Barnes (75pts), C. Valdez (74pts), El Class (72ptsA
All Dud Team
C: G. Sanchez (2.25ppg)... outside of Game 1, he has done zilch!
1B:J. Bell (2.25ppg)... maybe 2019 was an aberration
2B: C. Biggio (2.29ppg).. new ball, can't hit
SS: G. Torres (1.85)... wow, just awful, will he turn it around?
3B: M. Chapman (2.56ppg)... as Joe Namath would say "struggling"
OF: M. Conforto (2.00)... anytime Mikey!
OF: C. Blackmon (2.11)... maybe last year's swoon was real
OF: M. Ozuna (2.14)... this is a big surprise, this guy can hit
DH: C. Frazier (1.35)... down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!
SP: L. Castillo (7.80)... one good outing out of five, not what we expected
SP: B. Snell (7.80)... change of scenery, doesn't make a difference
SP: K. Maeda (9.00)... a little surprising since he was so dominant in 2020
RP: A. Colome (41pts)... may have lost his job already
RP:E. Diaz (48pts)... NY not good, few chances
Shockingly bad thus far
M. Sano (2.27), D. Smith (2.20)
G. Lux (2.27), O Albies (2.63), DH LeMahieu (2.68)
D. Swanson (1.71), F. Lindor (2.24)
A.Bohm (2.43), E. Suarez (2.75)
J. Soler (2.40), M. Kepler (2.71), J. Gallo (2.81)
K. Hendricks (9.00), D Bundy (9.60), Z. Wheeler (9.75)
G. Holland (50pts), W. Smith (55pts)

Who will bounce back?
Who will come-back to the pack?
And who will continue their assention towards stardom? or assent towards drop-dom?

Good luck in Week 5!



Happy Opening Day!!!!

Make sure your lineups are set by 1:05pm EST (10:05am PST).

There already is a rain-out today, BOS vs BAL...  hopefully that's the only one.

The first 3-weeks are short weeks....
Week 1: 4.01 thu 4.06 (Thur-Tues)
Week 2: 4.07 thu 4.12 (Wed-Mon)
Week 3: 4.13 thu 4.18 (Tue-Sun)
Week 4: back to normal... Monday thu Sunday
ALSO... instead of playing 9 games vs 3-opponents, you will play 6 games vs 2-opponents.. This is only fair since the first few weeks are short weeks.

All pickups will be posted at 11am EST on the specified day.
Week 1: RD 1 4.5, RD 2 4.6
Week 2: RD 1 4.11, RD 2 4.12
Week 3: RD 1 4.17, RD 2 4.18
Week 4-end of season: every Sat and Sun morning.
I will send reminders to make sure you do not miss a pickup date

They will work just like preseason.
I will approve all trades immediately.
Send me a quick note that there is a trade in the system and I will Pass/Veto the trade. If I do Veto a trade, I will send a note to both sides letting you know why.

Please be patient the first couple of days.. There are usually a few things that have to be reprogrammed because of the scoring feed.

ENJOY Opening Day!!!

Best of luck to you!!!

THANK YOU for being a part of Mr. Sports!!  

Baseball Playoffs

What a fast, crazy, bizarre, wild baseball season!  

Congrats to Whiz Kids (M.Hoffmaster) in ML 21 for having the most wins: 70

The playoff matchups are as follows
Good luck to you all!

Thanks you for being a part of Mr. Sports!
CL 1: Bronx Bombers vs Induct-14
CL 2: Horseheads Buffalos vs Dave Herman
CL 3: Bronx Bombers vs Desert Dirt Dawgs
CL 4: F The Corona vs Wallbangers
Elite: Florida Swamps vs Bayou Bengals
EL 1: Cardinals vs Basket Case
EL 2: Daily Double vs Streaks
EL 3: 3 Gamers vs Natural Grass
EL 4: Basket Case vs The Plantation
EL 5: Built 4 Speed vs Bad Reputation
EL 7: Bomb Squad vs Basket Case
EL 8: Strikezone vs High Cheese
EL 9: NYSE:GILD vs Chicago Warriors
EL 13: Chicago Warriors vs Rangers
EL 14: Ohio Gang vs Horseheads Buffalos
EL 16: 16 Gamers vs Buffalo Horseheads
EL 17: Blazing Balls vs Squeeze Play
EL 18: Rockies vs Whiz Kids
EL 19: Big Mac Moscow Mules vs NYSE:C
EL 99: kOZZIE BALL vs Southside Picks to Click
ML 1: The Plantation vs Damage Inc
ML 2: Bronx Bombers vs The Plantation
ML 3: Brew Crew vs Worst to First
ML 4: 3 Gamers vs Dingers R Us
ML 5: Redbirds vs Dodgers
ML 6: Second 2 None vs Batta Bing
ML 7: Marauding Moobys vs Fight at the Bat Rack
ML 8: Stay Frosty vs Grand Slam
ML 9: Warning Track power vs Luke's on First
ML 10: Dark Horse vs Wait Til This Year
ML 11: Brewers vs 54166 Mafia
ML 12: Dave's Destroyers vs Bronx Bombers
ML 14: Red Devils vs Dangerous Dave
ML 15: Bult 4 Speed vs Wait Til This Year
ML 17: Built 4 Speed vs Thunderbirds
ML 20: Horseheads Buffalos vs Kent Hrbek
ML 21: Whiz Kids vs Phillies
ML 22: CL Punk vs The Plantation
ML 25: McNasty Hitmen vs Michigan Mngwas
ML 26: Orioles vs Dave's Destroyers
ML 27:  Built 4 Speed vs Brooklyn Eagles
ML 28: Bronx Bombers vs Six 2 Four 2 Three
ML 29: North Side Bombers vs Mind Reflections
ML 30: Built 4 Speed from Bronx Bombers
ML 31: Flatten the Curve vs Baby Bombers
ML 33: BEANBALLERS vs Upper Tank
ML 34: Better Than Nothing vs Streaks 2

Opening Day Finally!!!

Opening Day is here!!!

Hard to believe it has been almost exactly 4-months to the day that the REAL Opening Day was suppose to happen.
I am so excited we are finally playing some baseball!! 

No fans in the stands is going to be different but hopefully, MLB will get smart during the season and start micing upplayers... now that would be must watch TV!! 

Below, here are my predictions for the year.
Love Em
Hate Em
React to Em

MLB Predictions
East: Yankees
Central: Twins
West: Angels
Wild card: Rays, Astros
East: Braves
Central: Reds
West Dodgers
Wild Card: Cardinals, Phillies 
World Series Matchup: Braves vs Angels
World Series Champ: Braves
AL MVP: G Torres
NL MVP: Acuna
AL Cy Young: Berrios
NL Cy Young: Soroka
AL ROY: Luzardo
NL ROY: D Carlson

Good luck to you in the short, fast season!

Thanks for being a part of MR SPORTS!


Weekend Baseball Update

Good morning!
I hope this finds you safe and healthy! 
The season starts THURSDAY!!!! 
Your lineups are due in the system by 7:00pm EST Thursday July 23rd
They will be posted by 11am EST each of the following mornings for this week only
Since there will most likely be more players opting out and/or contracting COVID I think the extra 2 pickups might help everyone before the season starts
Unfortunately, I could not get the schedule to come out like I had planned by playing 162 games....  so we are playing 81... 
9 Weeks
9 games per week
Within your division: 12, 12, 9 (33 total games)
Outside of your division: 6 games each (48 total games)
Week 10: Playoffs for the top 2 teams, regardless of division
At Least we have baseball back!!! 
Quick short season which should be fun!!!
Any team is 2022 FREE!!!! 
Some good ones out there
This deal runs until 1st pitch on Thursday!!
Have a great Friday
Stay safe and healthy!
Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports!!!

Baseball is BACK!!!!

Good afternoon.
I hope you and yours are safe and healthy.
The baseball season is a go!!!
60 games in 67 days
July 23/24 to Sept 27
What does this mean for fantasy?
Well, funny you should ask!! 
10 Week total season
9 Week regular season (1st 3 weeks: 6 days... next 7 weeks: 7 days)
18 games per week (162 games total)
1 week of playoffs for top 2 teams, regardless of division
Trade deadline Aug 31st
Trades will all be approved by me on a daily basis so trade as much as you like!!
Pickups will be posted Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10am EST (except 1st 3 weeks and I will send reminders)
We will play for a 10% prize
CL: $2000 = $200
EL: $1000 = $100
ML: $600 = $60
10% of your entry fee will go towards this year and 90% will go towards 2021
You will only owe 10% entry fee for 2021.
Rosters will be the SAME next year
Unfortunately, no cutdowns or redraft
Off-season trading will start Sept 28th.

If the season is cut short and not finished, then all funds will go towards 2021.
Will be posted every Sunday and Monday morning (10am EST) up until the season starts.
Any DRAFTED player will be eligible for pickup as soon as they sign with their team....so if you see a player sign and you want him added to the system, please let me know and I will be happy to add that player to the system....

I use this site to track who has signed: https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/draft/
I am also planning on adding a couple of prizes to make things fun during the season.... not exactly sure yet but something fun.... info to follow in the coming weeks.
Any questions, let me know....
Thanks for being a part of Mr. Sports and all of your patience through this unbelievable time! 

Baseball Almost back???

Good morning!
I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!
Who knows if the baseball season will happen but I do think some sort of baseball will be played this year.... 
As for the fantasy season, just not sure what that will look like until something  official happens....
BUT I do have a couple of thoughts around it....
For ease of math, let's say the following:
82 game season (possibly fewer games)
Roughly a 13-week regular season
All regional play with limited travel
Universal DH (this is here to stay beyond 2020, in my humble opinion)
30-player active roster, 20-player taxi squad
14 team postseason in October.
13 week fantasy season
Unfortunately, there is no room for a Super Tourney
Three basic scenarios for a fantasy season:
1. 9 week regular season, 2 weeks each round of the playoffs (our usual, just half a year)
2. 11 week regular season, only 1 week each round of the playoffs
3. 10 week regular season, 1 week each round  of the playoffs with each week consisting of 11 days (Week 10 would only be 6 days)

As for money, I do not think it is fair that everyone pay full price for this season with it being a shortened version of the season.
There are so many variables that are out there, and one of the basics is the construction of your fantasy roster.
SP's most likely will be on a strict pitch count early in the year so expect 2-4 weeks of barely 5 innings. That's 1/3 of our season.

That all being said, I want the season to be fun and exciting!!!
Below are the two ideas that I am thinking about for this 2020 season.
1. Your league fees will be paid for 2021, with this season playing for around a 5-10% credit, no cost to you.
Example: usual $1000 to the winner, would be $50-$100 credit to the winner
2. Playing for some percentage of the money, say 20% for easy math
Example: $240 usual league fee, 20% which is $48, would go towards the prize pool...  winner would get $200 which is 20% of the $1000
For 2021, 20% of your fees would be paid and all you would need to pay is that 20% for the 2021 season.

Instead of Team of the Week, 5 top teams for Hitting, Pitching and Overall that week get "points" towards some type of prize of your choice at the end of the regular season.

Bottom line, I want to make the season fun, no matter what happens, that's assuming there is a season....
I love fantasy baseball so we will certainly do something fun!!! 

In the words of James Earl Jones in A Field of Dreams (one of my favorite movies):
"The one constant through all the years has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. it's a part of our past. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again"

Let's hope real baseball comes together and gets a season going.

Any feedback, ideas, suggestions, questions, whatever, reach out to me.
Also, check out the baseball homepage as I will keep that updated with any developments.
Stay healthy my friends!

All "I Bet You Forgot Where They Played" Team

Since MLB is still probably 2+ months away from starting (at least it is looking likely that they play some games this year), I figured to have a little fun.

The All "I Bet You Forgot Where They Played" Team
Here is mine, let me know yours. 
I'll post the best ones!! 

C: Mike Piazza-OAK in 2007
1B: Sean Casey-CLE in 1997
2B: Robbie Alomar-ARI in 2004
SS: Omar Vizquel-TOR in 2012
3B: Troy Galus-ARI in 2005
OF: Dale Murphy-COL in 1993
OF: Darryl Strawberry-SF in 1994
OF: Rickey Henderson-LAD in 2003
DH: Jim Thome-LAD in 2009
SP: Pedro Martinez-PHI in 2009
SP: Randy Johnson-SF in 2009
SP: Greg Maddux-LAD in 2006 and 2008
RP: Billy Wagner-BOS in 2009

Hope you are staying safe and healthy! 


Happy Opening Day.... Well almost!!!

I hope you and yours are safe and healthy during these tough times
Today would have been Opening Day... 
Absolutely, one of my favorite days of the year!!
Would Shane Bieber have thrown a no-hitter?
Would Nico Hoerner pull a Tuffy Rhodes and hit 3 bombs?
Would Verlander have struck out 15?
Ahhhhh, the imagination runs wild!!! 
Hang tight, stay safe and we will get through this better than ever!! 
As I was watching Scott Van Pelt last night (by the way, the BEST in the business!), he interviewed Rob Manfred.
Here is a synopsis: 
**optimistic that things could get ramped up again by the middle of May
**probably not be able to play a full 162-games
**will need to be creative with the scheduling
**possibility of playing seven-inning doubleheaders is on the table.

This is certainly going to be a crazy season.... and I can't wait to get started!! 
As for Fantasy Baseball, we are trucking along.
I hope you all had as much fun as I did during the redraft.
Thank you for making it go so smoothly.
They will start at the end of next week and most likely will be every Fri/Sat until the season starts... hopefully, this will give you a little something to look forward to each week.
You are free to trade!!
Enter your trade into the system...send me a note letting me know a trade is in the system....  and I will process, just like preseason.
**Injured List (IL)
A player is only eligible if that  player is officially on the MLB IL
Some of you have asked if players like Sale, Thor, Severino will be eligbile because they are out for the year...  I am leaning against letting these players on since it might have affected redraft or trade decisions...  but I will give it due consideration.
Would you be interested in jumping in a 1-yr league draft for $50 or less?...  I'm thinking of ways to keep us entertained while not spending much money.....  if you would be interested, send me a quick note letting me know....  I think it would be fun having a couple of drafts per week for low stakes.
**Teams for Sale
Some excellent teams available
Check them out:
Mil Bears: EL 2
Detroit Stars: EL 9
Birm Black Barons; EL 14
Clev Buckeyes: EL 17
All Cubans: EL 18
Lincoln Stars: ML 6
All Nations: ML 12
SF Sea Lions: ML 14
Any questions, let me know.... 
And if you want to talk any baseball, I am all ears....  send me a note and let's talk!! 
Stay healthy! 

Redraft over, now what?

Good  morning

First and foremost, I hope you are safe and staying healthy! 

I am sad the redraft is over....  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

So now what?

Starting next week, there will be pickups... I will update the exact dates soon.
We will also continue to have pickups each week thereafter... hopefully, this will give you something to look forward to each week during these difficult times.

As for trades, feel free to enter them into the system and I will approve just like preseason.
Just send me a quick note letting me know that a trade is awaiting approval.

Thanks again for being a part of Mr. Sports.

Stay Healthy! 



Position Changes, Continued

Player Positions that have changed thus far: New (Old)
For anyone new to Mr. Sports, or in case you forgot, we determine a players position for the 2020 season by where they are EXPECTED to play, NOT by where they played last year.
M. Sano: 1B (3B)
T. Mancini: 1B (OF)
C. Walker: 1B (OF)
T. Shaw: 1B (3B)
J. Mateo: 2B (SS) **NEW**
F. Barreto: 2B (SS) **NEW**
G. Lux: 2B (SS)
K. Marte: 2B (OF)
S. Neusse: 2B (3B)
M. Chavis: 2B (3B)
M. Moustakas: 2B (3B)
M. Dubon: 2B (SS)
R. McMahon: 2B (1B)
B. Rodgers: 2B (SS)
J. Segura: 2B (SS)
I. Diaz: 2B (SS)
T. Edman: 3B (2B)
C. Kieboom: 3B (SS)
Y. Diaz: 3B (1B)
Y. Moncada: 3B (2B)
M. Machado: 3B (SS)
J. McNeil: 3B (2B)
J. Villar: 3B (2B)
G. Torres: SS (2B)
J. Bauers: OF (1B) **NEW**
JD Davis: OF (3B) **NEW**
H. Dozier: OF (3B
W. Merrifield: OF (2B)
N. Senzel: OF (3B)
L. Gurriel: OF (SS)
R. Nunez: DH (3B) **NEW**
M. Cabrera: DH (1B)
D. Hudson: SP (RP)
J. Means: SP (RP)
C. Martinez: RP (SP)

Players that may be moved to a new position (new position listed below)
Y. Alvarez: DH (OF) **NEW TO WATCH LIST**
R. Braun: 1B
F. Reyes: DH
N. Solak: 3B

If you see a player that you believe should be changed, let me know. I am happy to take a look.

All Decade Teams

Period: Week 1 2010 to Week 19 2019
Min 162 games played

Points Per Game
C: G. Sanchez (3.60)
1B: P. Goldschmidt (3.90)
2B: R. Cano and O. Albies (3.45)
SS: T. Turner (3.88)
3B: A. Bregman (3.86)
OF: M. Trout (4.35)
OF: R. Acuna (4.15)
OF: A.Judge (4.13)
DH: D. Ortiz (3.88)
SP: C. Kershaw (17.42)
SP: J. Verlander (15.81)
SP: J. deGrom (15.34)
SP: M. Scherzer (15.21)
SP: J. Cueto (15.14)
RP: M. Rivera (21.43)
RP: C. Kimbrel (21.15)
RP: R. Soriano (19.86)

Total Points
C:  B. Posey (3792)
1B: J. Votto (5238)
2B: R. Cano (4906)
SS: E. Andrus (4217)
3B: E. Longoria (4461)
OF: M. Trout (5089)
OF: A. McCutchen (5068)
OF: J. Upton (4762)
DH: N. Cruz (5048)
SP: C. Kershaw (4981)
SP: J. Verlander (4950)
SP: M. Scherzer (4746)
SP: Z. Greinke (4524)
SP: J. Lester (4453)
RP: C. Kimbrel (4674)
RP: K. Jansen (4366)
RP: A. Chapman (3986)

Are you ready for some Fantasy Baseball?1?!

Mr. Sports 2020 season has started!!!
Preseason trading is in full swing.
Get in on the action now
Click on Teams for Sale, buy one of the very good teams available and start trading!!

Check back here for regular updates on players, news, updates and just random thoughts.

Key Dates
Dec. 15: start offseason trading
Feb. 14/15 and 21/22: Early Bird Pickups
Feb. 15: no more player position changes
March 1: Cutdowns
March 5-23: Redraft
March 26: Season Starts!

Player Positions that have changed thus far: New (Old)
For anyone new to Mr. Sports, or in case you forgot, we determine a players position for the 2020 season by where they are EXPECTED to play, NOT by where they played last year.
T. Mancini: 1B (OF)
C. Walker: 1B (OF)
T. Shaw: 1B (3B)
J. McNeil: 3B (2B)
M. Chavis: 2B (3B)... could change to 1B
M. Moustakas: 2B (3B)
M. Dubon: 2B (SS)
R. McMahon: 2B (1B)
B. Rodgers: 2B (SS)
J. Segura: 2B (SS)
I. Diaz: 2B (SS)
Y. Diaz: 3B (1B)
Y. Moncada: 3B (2B)
M. Machado: 3B (SS)
J. Villar: 3B (2B)
G. Torres: SS (2B)
H. Dozier: OF (3B
W. Merrifield: OF (2B)
N. Senzel: OF (3B)
L. Gurriel: OF (SS)
D. Hudson: SP (RP)
J. Means: SP (RP)
C. Martinez: RP (SP)

Players that may be moved to a new position (new position listed below)
E. Escobar: 2B
G. Lux: 2B
L. Urias: 3B
S. Neusse: 2B
J. Mateo: 2B
R. Braun: 1B
T. Edman: 3B
F. Reyes: DH
C. Kieboom: 3B
R. Nunez: DH
N. Solak: 3B
Y. Diaz: 3B

If you see a player that you believe should be changed, let me know. I am happy to take a look.

Enjoy offseason trading.
And check back here soon for updates.

Merry Christmas!